Conference section

The conference section consists of four multifunctional rooms with audiovisual equipment. They are intended for, inter alia, conferences, symposiums, presentations, training and presentations. They will satisfy the most demanding organizers and participants. Each room is arranged in the colors of the four seasons and there are beautiful photographs of Bydgoszcz.
The conference rooms are fitted with mobile soundproof walls allowing for the areas to be joined while maintaining the highest standards of utilisation. The space inside the halls is not obstructed by any architectural barriers. Positive advantages are: the possibility of total darkening of the rooms, air conditioning and easy access to the exhibition area. The combined area of the conference rooms can accommodate 720 people. The largest conference room, Spring, with an area of ​​357 square metres, has up to 300 seats. Summer, the smallest room, has an area of ​​90 square metres and can accommodate 80 people. The other rooms are: Autumn, with an area of ​​130 square metres, which can accommodate 120 people, and Winter, with an area of ​​274 square metres, with seating for 220 people.
Each meeting room is equipped with a multimedia projector, screen and sound system. At the disposal of the organizers and participants there is a podium, a microphone and a whiteboard. In addition, we provide unlimited wireless Internet access, technical support during the event, as well as free parking.
From each conference room, without having to leave the building, there is direct access to the main trade fair – exhibition hall. Another advantage is the proximity of catering facilities, press room and the VIP area.


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Area and capacity of halls

Conference Room Area [m2] Dimensions length x width [m] Height [m] Number of people
Summer 110,24 9,34 x 11,85 3,5 80 30 30
Autumn 110,05 9,36 x 11,85 3,5 120 40 32
Winter 274,49 15,12 x 18,13 4,1 220 112 56
Spring 356,60 20,15 x 18,13 4,1 300 144 64
Summer + Autumn 220,29 18,7 x 11,85 3,5 200 70 46
Spring + Winter 631,29 35,27 x 18,13 4,1 520 256 100