Exhibition section


Hall I 3.700 m2
Hall II 3.900 m2
Hall III 3.300 m2
Hall I+II 7.600 m2
Hall II+III 7.200 m2
Hall I+II+III 10.900 m2

Bydgoszcz Trade Fair and Exhibition Centre offers almost 11,000 m2 of exhibition space, unobstructed by any permanent structural elements. Thanks to the electrical mobile walls and even height of the building, it is possible to use the modules for the organization of several independent events at the same time. Each module is equipped with technical channels (networks: water supply, sanitation, electric power and ICT) and an independent sound system.
Through the use of floors with high bearing capacity and professional entrance gates to the hall, in the exhibition it is possible to present oversized and heavy exhibits. Each of the three halls has a separate entrance gate for trucks.
Bydgoszcz Trade Fair and Exhibition Centre stands 13 metres high, which gives it a majestic and dignified atmosphere; and ensures that even the largest exhibits or structures will not overwhelm visitors. The aforementioned mobile walls are therefore also among the highest in Europe.
In BTFEC there is also an extensive mezzanine, which combines functional halls with a conference-administration section. 55 metres wide and 200 metres long, the space extends along the entire length of the building and can be split into three independent segments.
The building was designed for the staging of various events. It is equipped with the latest communication technology, exhibition and conference facilities, including access control system, modern ticketing system and cutting edge audiovisual and sound systems. In addition, it meets the highest standards with regard to acoustics. To meet the expectations of exhibitors and organizers we also offer storage space.

Hall characteristics

Height - 13mHeight – 13m

extremely durable floor Extremely durable floor – 100kPa/m2

systemy Separate multimedia systems

entrance gates for trucksEntrance gates for trucks

Plan of the exhibition section

Possible configurations:

3 halls
Hall 1 plus Hall 2
Hall 2 plus Hall 3
Hall 1 plus Hall 2 plus Hall 3